Ted Wallach

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 01

Ted Wallach
Visiting Scholar
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: New York

I cut my teeth under Martin Scorsese. Directing and producing for over a decade in Bollywood, Hollywood, the Middle East, and Europe. As the original Creative Director of WeWork, I created campaigns for ending oil subsidies to building wells in Africa with Charity Water. After working with several marketing agencies in NYC, I created The AMEX Trifecta of Upward Mobility with Small Business Saturday team.

I became CSO then CEO of TimeRepublik, a global digital time bank, and returned to THNK School of Creative Leadership where I did my post-graduate work as an expert in residence supporting fledgling ventures with digital alternative currency strategies.

I now have a clinical practice coaching individuals using Taoism and Quantum Mechanics to manifest that which they are trying to build in their lives. I founded Quantum Warrior, a 12-week online men’s Circle from my work at the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford where I am a visiting scholar. I recently joined the UN Global Help Desk and had the honor of supporting Vint Cerf with the writing of his speech to the UN General Council.