Tom Mboya Were

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Tom Mboya Were
Chief Executive Officer
I am based in: Nairobi

I am a Kenyan citizen, born in the Western region of Kenya, raised in the coastal region of Kenya, and living and working in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. Kenya is a multi-ethnic society and this, together with my life journey through various parts of Kenya, has made me a versatile, pro-integration, and proactive promoter of inclusiveness and tolerance between people, their cultures, and their beliefs. I get along very well with everyone, although I am fairly reserved. I have worked in the NGO sector since the year 2000, transitioning from environmental conservation to community enterprises to child development and protection to community development and local philanthropy to, more recently, civil society strengthening, governance and human rights, and peace security and stability.

I am currently the Chief Executive Officer of one of the leading Kenyan NGOs, Act Change Transform, where my objective is to steer the organization towards greater effectiveness and self-sustainability.

I am passionate about giving and working together in prosperity. When I am not working, I am engaged in building schools, supporting school boards, working with leaders who are seeking greatness through coaching, spending time with my family, and building a network of friends interested in various topics such as investment, financial freedom, charity and philanthropy, and social innovation.

I value very much the need for people to realize their greatest potential – onwards and upwards no matter their circumstances, personal orientation, and beliefs. I get excited at the prospect and opportunity to coach and inspire them to realize their highest personal and professional potential.