Veronique Swinkels

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

I am the Founder of Go-for-Good. My mission is to use creativity and activism to change the world. After 30 years as a full-time communications consultant and 25 years as the CEO/owner of the comms agency BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker (a certified B-Corp), I changed to the role of Independent Activist and Creative Facilitator – taking with me the years of experience in finding the right words, symbols, and communication channels to strengthen organizations and change people’s behavior for the better.

I use the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to connect people, organizations and, businesses to their purpose; to make the world a better place by awakening the activists in ourselves and applying creativity to social challenges. I co-founded the Global Goals Accelerator, an initiative to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals. I also developed the interactive workshop Accelerate for Good.

In 1989 and 2009, I was part of a European Party and participated in the EU elections; first IDE (1989) and than Newropeans (2009). I was one of the candidates and the European campaign director. Our aim was to change European governance and reinforce European democracy.

I hold advisory functions in several foundations, including Worldconnectors, Masterpeace, AAFB and Laboratoir Europeen d’Anticipation Politique (LEAP). I am trained in conflict-resolution, Theory U, Social Presencing Theatre, Deep Democracy, and Barretts Values. I participated in the Executive Leadership Program at THNK and I am instructed by the “de erkend toezichthouder” to be in governance positions.

Born and raised in the city of Maastricht – close to both the German and Belgium borders – this gave me a European perspective on life, politics, and business. I first lived in Paris, then studied in Amsterdam (Communications Sciences and Psychology) and London (MA in Communications Policy). I am now living in Amsterdam, married to an entrepreneur and I am a proud mother of four.