Victor Kiriakos

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 08

Victor Kiriakos
Director of Innovation Program
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Dubai


I am the Director of the innovation platform, part of Intigral, the largest digital media service company in the MENA region. is an incubator/accelerator of early stage digital start-ups based in Dubai. After successfully setting up the accelerator, I introduced innovation as a service offering to assist firms in reinventing and improving their offering through digital innovation.


To date, I have successfully completed transactions for telecommunication companies, Banks, and governmental institutions in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. These deals include innovation consultancy services, setting up accelerator programs for firms, sourcing innovative solutions, as well as establishing partnerships with start-ups. Before joining Intigral, I started my career in the financial service industry where I worked as an institutional trader in MENA and North America. I hold a BA economics from AUB and an MBA from INSEAD.


During my spare time I like to support the start-up ecosystem in the MENA region by mentoring young entrepreneurs and connecting them with decision makers to accelerate their growth. I enjoy travelling and learning about new cultures. I am Lebanese/Canadian but consider myself a citizen of the world.