Voltaire Xodus

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 03

Voltaire Xodus
Chief Steward of ReUp
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Los Angeles

With a background in sociology, I am a American social entrepreneur who is developing an app (ReUp) that will measure people's willpower towards life goals. Echoing ideals from Aaron Hurst’s “Purpose Economy,” and Seth Godin “Tribes,” I plan to use the app to create a global sustainability stock market based on people’s commitment to their passion and purpose. Publishing an international article for MTV Voices, afforded me opportunities to speak at Oxford and Harvard University. I am a co-contributor in the book Going Supernova: The Bold Path of 101 Super Achievers, written by Professor Molly Lavik of Pepperdine University. And more recently I have been published in Daina Eglitis introduction to sociology textbook for SAGE Publishing.

To add value to my app, over the past 2 years I have done behavioral research in 20 countries and 37 cities. Having “people first, financial profit second” value-based philosophy, I will only finance ReUp via impact philanthropy and am currently seeking motivated philanthropist with shared values to aid ReUp's scale.