Wouter Koetzier

Wouter Koetzier
My pronouns are: he/him/his
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After a successful corporate career, I have come to see that while business has to be efficient and productive, it must also work towards the greater good at the same time. Doing well is clearly important for continuity, as a bad business will not survive for long. However, doing good is even more important, as much of our society’s power lies in the hands of business leaders. With this power comes the responsibility to do what’s right for the whole of society.

After decades of shareholder selfishness and consumerism, people are now rightfully demanding a truer purpose and positive contributions from our business leaders. I know that many leaders want to make this transition, but it takes courage to change the system.

THNK helps leaders grow and find the courage to make the world a better place. That mission, along with the unique team of top-notch fun people, make me proud to be a part of THNK!

I started my career as an ice cream marketer for Unilever and after 12.5 years switched to strategy consulting with Accenture. Here I served the leaders of multinational clients with (digital) business transformation and growth & innovation strategies. Eventually, I became a senior leader at Accenture myself where I continued to pursue my mission of creating meaningful change. As a THNK partner, my focus is on growing our business and impact through innovation, marketing and transformation.

My wife Mariska - who is a leadership coach - and I live 30 km east of Amsterdam. We have three fantastic boys who are already off on their own leadership journeys but still visit home often. We enjoy travelling and having good times with good people. I like cycling and tennis with the hope it helps keeps me in shape.