Yasemin Baydaroglu

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 08

Yasemin Baydaroglu
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Delft

I am a multidisciplinary engineer and an outside-the-box entrepreneur.

Through my work experiences both in the U.S. and European governmental space agencies and in aeronautics at European firms, I have combined many rare talents: my expertise and technological currency is unparalleled in space-related technical programs. I am a consummate professional who knows how to manage even the most challenging projects to exceptionally successful results. I have also worked in U.S. high tech start-up during which my proven abilities gave me an inspiring capacity to communicate even the most complex issues to a broad range of audiences.

I earned my Master's degree in Engineering, Scientific Instrumentation, and Applied Business at Polytech’Lille in France. I graduated from International Space University, Singularity University, and Harvard Kennedy School. Fluent in several languages and deeply knowledgeable of a dynamic range of global cultures, I became the first choice for international introductions and interactions.