Yoshi Hashimoto

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 12

Yoshi Hashimoto
Director – Global Sales Effectiveness, Corporate Strategy
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I was born in Japan but have spent nearly half of my life living abroad, going back and forth between Japan and the United States/Canada. The moves include my early childhood days in Minneapolis, junior-high and high school education in Toronto, Business School in Philadelphia followed by work in New York, before landing in Amsterdam on an unusually hot and dry summer of 2016 (for Amsterdam standards).

I started my professional career as an investment banker focused on corporate finance, principal investment, and M&A advisory for the telecommunications, media, and technology sector. Then, I decided to change course from advising outside-in, to delivering impact inside-out for an information analytics company. Planning, delivering, and managing change has been at the heart of both roles, and the increasing complexity around the issues we are trying to solve is keeping my work challenging every day.

I am passionate about leadership, and I aspire to not only hone my leadership capabilities but also to find ways to take part in leadership development for my home country Japan. I am a believer in the value of cross and inter-disciplinary collaboration as a powerful way to drive change and found THNK to be the ideal program and attractive platform for this purpose. Learning and receiving inspiration from leaders across various disciplines, opportunities to share my views and experiences with people who may take it in a different direction, and the potential to contribute to addressing social challenges are some of the reasons I am very excited to join the program.

When I am not working or thinking about leadership, I spend my time with my wife chasing down our 4-year old twins (boy and girl) at the park or in the pool. We enjoy traveling and hope to visit as many places as possible in Europe during our time here.