Ziyad Alarfaj

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Ziyad Alarfaj
Associate Engineer
My experience and deep interests:

I was referred to THNK by Turki Al Saud.



I am originally from Saudi Arabia, and now live in Dubai. I studied Construction Engineering Management before also obtaining my MBA (both in the US). I then worked in construction for 13 years, and completed several major projects (including resorts, palaces, government buildings and mega malls).


I have traveled a lot and lived in several different countries, which has made me adjust to different atmospheres. I love food, and love to explore all kinds of restaurants (good food always brings a smile to my face!). I also enjoy reading and travelling, and recently photography (street photography and landscape) which has become a hobby that takes up more of my time - it makes me focus on small details and people’s habits.


I believe in being unique; a friend of mine once told me that competition is for horses not humans!