Zubia Naqvi

Zubia Naqvi
Talent Acquisition Lead
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Den Haag
THNK connection: Leadership Coach

As an HR person, I originate and lead Human Resource practices and objectives that emphasize empowerment, quality, productivity, and standards; including goal attainment, and the recruitment and ongoing development of a talented workforce. My experiences cover a holistic and broad approach to HR, and I am acutely aware of how it differs depending on the industry, people, environments, and history. I have always been interested in understanding why people choose the professions they choose and what role can I play in enhancing them further so that they use their talent and live fulfilled lives. I've lived in many places, some are Italy, Tanzania, and Switzerland...
Therefore, I have largely been working on developing and implementing strategies
and initiatives aligned with organizational business plans, visions, and missions.
I have enjoyed leading and facilitating internal/external initiatives on organizational culture
and employee engagement with global HR teams. I tie our HR practices to Business Strategy and Culture.
My background and unique opportunities have led me to work for amazing organizations and people. I believe in Servant Leadership and want to see people grow and enhance their lives. When I'm not working I enjoy my family, friends, and try and live by gratitude and in the moment as much as possible/whenever possible. Thanks! Z.