Innovation Bootcamp: In Search of New Solutions

“Innovation Bootcamp: In Search of New Solutions” is a business transformation program for executives created and delivered by THNK and SKOLKOVO Business School in Moscow.

innovation bootcamp

How can your business champion its customers by joining the movement toward responsible consumption?

Who should join

You are ideal for this program if you:

  • Dream big, have a passion for innovation, and have the ability to influence and bring real change within your company
  • Are a business owner, entrepreneur, strategy and business development manager, or product and service development manager
  • Are responsible for innovation processes and the creation of new business models and client solutions in your company

Join us if you want to contribute to the prosperity of your company, your customers, and the society in which you live!

Program Content

The Shift of the Paradigm: Towards a Customer-focused Strategy


Discover the benefits of a customer-centric approach.

Globalization, digitalization, and the growth of platforms have led to the emergence of new types of consumers: ones who are much more demanding and constantly looking for the highest value. In such market conditions, a “one-size-fits-all” approach is not the best strategic choice. Instead, to make your business flourish, you need to put your customer first, at the core of your business.

The Innovation Flow: A Structured Process to Creativity


Master innovation using a structured approach.

To identify opportunities for creating the highest value for your customers and to remain competitive as a company, you need to think differently. This requires creative leadership: an explorative mindset along with the drive to envision new ideas and solutions.


To make the most of your organization’s innovation power, you also need tried and tested tools to shape, structure, and optimize innovation within your company. Successful innovation calls for a structured approach.

Responsible Consumption: Applying the Innovation Flow In Context


Use your innovative power to empower sustainable lifestyles and improve well-being.

Customers have become much more selective in terms of which businesses they choose to spend their money on. They not only expect customized products and services, but they also take into account the environmental consequences of their consumption and act more ethically. It is, therefore, in your business’ interest to design solutions that meet responsible consumption patterns. To make disruptive changes, you need to think big, seek inspiration broadly, and develop surprising ideas.

Customer-focused Strategy: Translation to Day-to-day Work


Find out how to translate your program learnings into your day-to-day work.

Coming up with a groundbreaking idea is not enough. You must also cultivate a creative organizational culture if you want to increase innovation output in your teams and make a real difference in your value proposition. You must find out how to remove the obstacles of implementing a customer-focused strategy, as well as how to optimize the management of innovation processes as a daily business routine.

Bootcamp Faculty

What you will take away

Mark Vernooij
Mark Vernooij
THNK School of Creative Leadership
"Today's customers are demanding not just better, faster, and cheaper. They demand responsible practices from the businesses they buy from, so it's crucial that businesses catch up with their customers through innovation."

Program Dates


starting 19 February

February 19

February 20

February 21

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  • For private clients: RUB 200,000
  • For alumni of SKOLKOVO: RUB 170,000

This price covers the program, a full package of training materials, information and technical support, and meals during the day (lunch and coffee breaks).

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What are the program dates?

Feb 19-21, 2020

Where will the program take place?

The program will be held at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO.

In what language will the course be delivered?

The program is offered in English, with real-time translation in Russian.

What are the program costs?

– For private clients: RUB 200,000

– For alumni of SKOLKOVO: RUB 170,000

This price covers the program, a full package of training materials, information and technical support, and meals during the day (lunch and coffee breaks).

How can I register?

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