Cohesive Decentralization – Presentation

Menno van Dijk 1 1 Berend-Jan Hilberts 2
January 19th, 2017
Article by: Menno van Dijk, Laurie Kemp, Valeria Mecozzi, Berend-Jan Hilberts

Today’s organizations face a volatile business environment with large uncertainties. To survive and scale, organizations should not only be innovative, they should also be focused, adaptable, agile and in touch with the external environment.


This requires new forms of organizational design to accelerate and sustain growth. Organizational design based on decentralization or even self-management seems best suited to offer continuous and new growth pathways in this environment. However, there is a dilemma as decentralization/self-management challenges synergy and increases risks as “control” is lost. There is no fit for all solution to solve this dilemma. Even the organizational design itself needs to be continuously adapted to have a scalable organization.


Explore the presentation below taken from the THNK Creative Leadership Program and explore the seven key factors that bind teams for success here.







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