Meet the Global Progress Dashboard

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Article by: Rens ter Weijde
Meet the Global Progress Dashboard

Meet the Global Progress Dashboard (GPD for early fans). In this 'world map' you can explore the most relevant data related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals for our planet, learn more about specific countries and/or download datasets that you like with a single click. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible to explore the relevant facts about our world.


Why this dashboard? After working with company executives on the topic of 'purpose' for the last year, we realized that many of them shared a similar 'abstraction' problem: the intentions were generally good, but translating those into practical actions wasn't easy. This dashboard can help focus them in two ways: i) by having all the relevant data available on a single page, and ii) by creating focus on clear 'gaps' in countries where they operate in order to create positive impact in those regions. Next to that, we also realized for non-executives (e.g., entrepreneurs) a similar need existed in order to 'do good' more effectively.


We wish you lots of insights, reflective moments and fun with the exploration of our world!

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