Scalable platforms

Berend-Jan Hilberts Menno van Dijk 1
November 10th, 2016
Article by: Berend-Jan Hilberts, Menno van Dijk, Valeria Mecozzi
Scalable platforms

Platforms are everything on which we create. They are a trade show, a website, a river, a floating city, even a skateboard. Platforms are the base upon which all business, and what we build to exchange value by creating opportunities for all kinds of interactions. The ability to design a platform that successfully scales value creation for all participants involved is a task fit for architects.


This presentation helps you to understand that to become scalable, the platform must exploit digital angles to offer new benefits to its users. It must create a delivery system that can be reconfigured into different contexts, and by doing so by creating an innovative business model.

Learn how to build scalable platforms

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