Partnering with the Oceanário de Lisboa, the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, the Lisbon Creative Leadership Program is mostly spent in the Sofia de Mello Breyner room. Participants are embraced by an infinite view over the Tagus River Estuary and enjoy distinctive meals inspired by the THNK Food Manifesto between learnings. Offering an intimate family-like experience with deep ties to the local Municipality, THNK Lisbon focusses its efforts on inspiring paradigm shifts towards a Renewable Prosperity.

THNK Lisbon

Oceanário de Lisboa, 1990-005 Lisbon, Portugal

Livia Tirone
THNK School of Creative Leadership Lisbon
"Portugal has the potential to offer excellent conditions to its talented people as soon as its endogenous and renewable resources can be put to the service of society at large."

Supporting Creative Leaders Since 2015

THNK Lisbon launched its first Creative Leadership Program with two founding partners: the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Municipality of Lisbon) and the Oceanário de Lisboa. Together with THNK, these partnerships build on the fertile common ground defined by the THNK mission: “support creative leadership and develop innovative solutions to large societal challenges”. Having participated in THNK Amsterdam’s 3rd Executive Leadership Program, Livia Tirone founded THNK Lisbon in 2015.

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