Today, it’s not business as usual. We face new challenges for new times. Companies that will thrive in the 21st Century will be led by executives who acknowledge the forces shaping their environment and possess the humility to recognize the need for continuous exploration. Organizations must cultivate frameworks for innovation and leadership – the systems, tools, talent, and diversity – to ensure future viability in the face of a rapidly changing landscape and overwhelming complexity.

From Rogers to Vodafone, Vancity to FIFA, we’ve trained teams in a method capable of transforming challenges into market opportunities. Our programs are tailored – we Partner with organizations to design solutions that will match the needs of a team and its leadership. Connect with THNK Vancouver’s Founder – Sarah Dickinson – and begin building a culture of innovation that is aligned with your organization’s unique brand and purpose.

Vancouver Program Outdoors

Vancouver is where the word ‘Generation X’ was born. This is where the renegade hearts and minds of Greenpeace and Ad Busters came to life; where snow-capped mountains meet the great ocean and where East meets West. A city imbued the story and truth of a 10,000-year history of indigenous culture. A city writing its next chapter, today.

Over the coming decades, an accelerating pace of change will test the resilience of every society, organization and individual. The most pressing question for any company or leader today is: are we changing as fast as the world around us? In Vancouver, the uniquely western spirit of discovery and invention expands the scope of everyone who touches down here. Horizons are widened, inner wisdom tapped and opportunity called.

Reach out to learn more about our intensive, experiential programs that explore how our ability to learn, adapt and respond – as contributors, facilitators and leaders- is the fuel for successful innovation and business transformation.

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Lee Feldman
Lee Feldman
 Co-Founder & Partner
THNK School of Creative Leadership Vancouver, Rockstart, FITMO
"Vancouver represents a beautiful contradiction; we’re a progressive society leading change in many sectors, at the other extreme we’re building a reputation for our extensive and highly damaging resource extraction. This is the environment in which we need to learn new skills in order to arrive at ideas that go beyond the obvious."


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