Sample program: Create an innovation engine

In this Custom Program, the core question of our partner, the Port of Rotterdam, was: “How might I develop my senior managers to create an innovation engine for new products, services, and business models?

Partner context

In order to safeguard their license to operate and to create new income streams, the Port of Rotterdam wanted to innovate in the field of energy transition and digital services.

The Port recognized that to be successful, they would need to equip their senior managers with the skills and mindsets to source, develop, and implement new innovations. They set out on a multi-year journey to train their senior and middle management in innovative practices including Design Thinking, LEAN startup, and Agile Methodology.

Realizing they needed to adapt to digitization and build a “port of the future,” the Port of Rotterdam asked THNK for help to build an innovation engine. This program addressed Sustainable Development Goal #9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure and Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy.

The solution

We collaborated with the client to design and deliver an action-learning program for senior, middle management, and frontline staff. Based on the THNK Innovation Flow – our structured approach to innovation – the program empowered the team to generate new solutions.

Through experiential learning exercises, senior leaders learned and applied mindsets which help them to be more effective in emergence. The team became comfortable with concepts including postponing judgement, co-creation, rapid decision-making, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity.

innovation engine

In this Custom Program, staff learned and applied the replicable four-step THNK Innovation Flow: a structured creative process that combines human-centered design tools with analytical thinking and systems theory.

Design your own program

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