Creative Leadership Program

You are an experienced leader, looking to make change happen by developing ideas into tangible initiatives. You want to learn how to navigate and thrive in rapidly-changing and uncertain environments, translating your passion and purpose into real impact.

You are an experienced leader, looking to make change happen by developing ideas into tangible initiatives. You want to learn how to navigate and thrive in rapidly-changing and uncertain environments, translating your passion and purpose into real impact.

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How is the program designed?

Without any exams or lectures, you will learn by doing, working on real topics that matter most to you. Whether you are an intrapreneur or entrepreneur, you will push your own development through peer-to-peer interaction with master practitioners and a highly diverse cohort of peers from a range of entrepreneurial, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


Participants will enroll at one of two spectacular locations: Amsterdam or Lisbon. Both locations offer distinctive practical applications for learnings, depending on your previous experience and desired outcome.


The Creative Leadership Program curriculum is defined by its three distinctive pillars:


Focus on Personal Mastery and Creative Leadership


Discover new opportunities

You will receive the tools to seek inspiration from multiple fields while listening to the trends and signals within markets. Creative leaders learn to take contrarian stances and challenge existing norms and boundaries to provide an original point of view.


Envision an enterprise concept

You will be guided toward envisioning big, beautiful and tangible solutions that shape a better world. In this phase, you give form to your triple bottom line concept using innovative business models.


Leverage collective force

You will learn how to assemble and guide creative teams, and how to introduce a culture of sensing, visioning, prototyping and scaling. Developing this dexterity benefits growth from failure, and creative leaders learn how to build a culture that learns – and grows – from its mistakes.


Drive breakthrough impact

You will learn the skills to master resilience and propensity to fortune, turning risks and challenges into opportunities. By maintaining a healthy execution cycle, your enterprise concept will stay lean, adaptable and be able to scale in a competitive and uncertain world.


Focus on developing Triple Bottom Line Solutions to Societal Issues through Collaboration


Explore and gather insights

You will learn to carry out a wide exploration of a chosen topic, combining rational analysis with an intuitive and associative process of gathering insights. You will observe your user in their natural habitat, rethinking your assumptions and engaging with your user.


Define concepts that meet real needs

You will learn to create an innovative solution to the societal issue you are committed to. Through this process you will be able to ideate new concepts that are distinct, bold, and appealing, through synthesis, visualization and articulation.


Create tangible solutions, test them and iterate

You will be equipped with a tried-and-tested process to carry out repeated experimentation, user testing and feedback with the aim of testing your assumptions to improve your concept.


Make the most out of your opportunity

You will learn to design for scalability in different contexts. Scalability at the individual level is the ability to have impact beyond one’s own reach. At the organizational level, it is an idea that spreads quickly and gets adopted by many. At the enterprise level, it is a concept that can be multiplied at little or no additional cost.


Focus on Good Governance and Innovative Enterprise Design *AMSTERDAM LOCATION ONLY*

Delighted users

Ensure users become product advocates

You will learn how to uncover compelling needs to design a product that satisfies a large societal demand. Your users will become your co-creators, actively improving its design and usage into a distinctive delivery model.

Scalable Platforms

Seize the opportunities created as demand emerges

You will study new innovative business models and leverage digital platforms to produce and deliver your products and services. These can be re-created and re-configured into tailor-made flexible offerings through modular design.

Empowered networks

Use the cooperative power of the people

You will learn about decentralized and distributed forms of leadership, elaborating on the practices and interactions of diverse ecosystems. You will experience the value of spending the majority of time externally and with users through real-life situations.

Dynamic focus

Take advantage of trends and unexpected opportunities

You will learn how to time market-entry, build a well balanced portfolio of initiatives, and adopt the aspirations of a company ready to scale. Articulating a compelling vision and progressing with immediate actions is key to execution.

diverse community

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When + where

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starting 16 September

Module 1: 16 Sept - 22 Sept 2017

Module 2: 17 Nov - 24 Nov 2017

Module 3: 12 Jan - 19 Jan 2018

Module 4: 05 March - 11 March 2018

Program Focus:

Quest, Endeavor and Challenge

83 days left to join


starting 21 September

Module 1: 21 Sept - 26 Sept 2017

Module 2: 26 Oct - 31 Oct 2017

Module 3: 30 Nov - 05 Dec 2017

+ additional coaching

Program Focus:

Quest and Challenge

88 days left to join

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