Custom Programs

What will it take for your organization to reach its full potential in a rapidly accelerating world?

At THNK, we believe in the power of creative leadership: leadership that meets the needs of an organization’s customers, employees, and society more broadly.

We partner closely with you to co-design and deliver transformative individual and collective journeys that are specific to your context and creates real impact – and we are truly global in our work.

custom programs

Our world is too complex for single solutions, too vast for individual action.


That’s why we love bringing together leaders within organizations who are up for the challenge and willing to dive deep.

Let us support you to:

How we work

We’re not consultants who overload your teams with templated “best practices.” Our strong belief is that sustainable solutions come from when we combine a look inside ourselves and our organizations with a healthy dose of external orientation.

THNK is a value-driven organization. Our core values are: play at the edge; create the magic; harness our differences; lead with the heart. You will see many of these values play out in the work that we do. For example, our programs frequently combine a unique blend of multiple disciplines – from design thinking to leadership development to systems thinking – thereby harnessing our differences to create something truly cutting edge and magical.

custom programs

No two clients are the same. No two programs are the same. We take great care to customize each program that we build, with reference to the client’s strategic context and aspired outcomes. Our three-step process ensures that our programs address your specific business challenges and opportunities.

custom programs

Dubbed by Stanford University as “the future of higher education,” our approach is focused on bringing theory to life, learning-by-doing, and supporting participants to transform their insights into real-life behavioral change.

custom programs

We get out of bed every morning because we believe we can make a real difference.


That’s why we work exclusively with organizations who share our passion to improve the state of the world, guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Is THNK for you?

THNK serves a range of Custom Program partners and all of our programs are truly global in nature. We serve partners that are leaders in the digital economy such as Naspers and, partners that have a preeminent position in more traditional economies such as the Port of Rotterdam and Johnson & Johnson, and organizations that lead in the social sector such as WHO and UNICEF.

Our partners all share things in common, namely:


custom programs

We partner with organizations around the world to deliver distinctive learning experiences.


Explore examples of past Custom Programs:

Our team

THNK’s Program Directors work with you to design the program your company needs. They each have deep business experience, with 10,000+ hours spent in innovation, systems change, or leadership development.

We select THNK Faculty for their diverse skills and experience. From leadership coaches to philosophers, from innovators and entrepreneurs to experts in emerging technology, they each have deep experience and are well-versed in our methodologies.

Get in touch

Every great partnership starts with a good discussion.  We look forward to learning about your unique aspirations and to helping you build a powerful learning journey with tangible business outcomes.