How to Get Employer Sponsorship

If you want to join EMERGE but don’t have the budget yourself, here are some tips for how to talk with your employer about sponsoring your participation in the program.



  • EMERGE is a cohort-based course which is currently considered the gold standard in online learning. Cohort-based courses promote personal development through active learning, peer-to-peer interaction, and guidance from experienced faculty. Unlike self-paced courses, cohort-based courses like EMERGE have very high program completion rates and participants are more likely to retain and apply their learnings.
  • The topics covered in EMERGE have been developed specifically to address the needs of new and emerging leaders based on feedback, interviews, and research conducted by THNK with individual leaders and HR professionals. The skills, tools, and mindsets taught in the program help to build a strong foundation for any new leader looking to build confidence, define their unique leadership style, and drive impact in their organization.
  • EMERGE focuses on developing human skills (sometimes referred to as “soft skills”) which are necessary for leaders and organizations to thrive in today’s complex and increasingly virtual world. According to recent research by Harvard Business Review, skills like empathy, deep listening, and curiosity are crucial to building and empowering high-performing teams.


  • Pay by the early-bird deadline (4 weeks before the program starts) for a reduced fee of 1500 EUR (ex. VAT)
  • We offer discounts for groups of 2 or more. So bring a friend/coworker! Contact us for more details.
  • Offer to split the program fee. If your employer cannot cover the entire program fee, consider offering to pay for a portion of it yourself if they cover the rest. This shows a willingness on your part to invest in your own development with support from your organization.
  • Ask us about a payment plan. If paying for the entire program at once is a challenge for you, contact us to learn more about our flexible payment plans.


THNK is not your typical business and leadership school. We believe that today’s complex environment calls for a new kind of leadership, one that brings new approaches to leading people and generating solutions. At THNK, we call this creative leadership. 

Dubbed by Forbes as the “leadership approach to disrupt thinking, then business” and by Stanford as the “future of higher education,” THNK School of Creative Leadership is the antithesis to conventional professional programs. We’re a purpose-driven social enterprise, creating experiential and transformative leadership programs to develop leaders. Since 2012, we’ve equipped over 10,000 participants globally with the vision, mindset, and skills to unlock their full leadership potential and increase their impact. 

Our participants hail from leading organizations around the world including Siemens,, UNICEF, the Obama Foundation, the World Health Organization, the Walt Disney Company, and the Port of Rotterdam.

Some companies that work with THNK for leadership programs