Is the ELP for me?

We get it. Joining the Executive Leadership Program is a huge commitment and you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. Of course, only you can know whether the program is right for you, but we’d like to try and make the process a bit easier.

On this page you’ll find some of the biggest questions we get asked about the program, backed up by testimonials from past participants. We hope these stories can provide you with some more clarity and help you determine if this program is the right fit for you at this time.

  1. What will I get out of the program?
  2. Who will be on the journey with me?
  3. What is THNK’s teaching methodology?
  4. Is the program really worth the money and the big time commitment?
  5. What makes THNK different from other leadership programs?


The THNK Executive Leadership Program is an immersive experience designed to support you as you explore yourself, your relationship with others, and the ways in which you can bring forward your greatest gifts in order to enact change in your organization and in the world.

Throughout the four modules, you will engage in deep reflective work that will help you to understand yourself better and therefore bring that version of yourself into being in everything you do. You will work on shifting your mindset and looking at the world around you with new perspectives. You will actively practice stepping into the shoes of others to better understand your own underlying assumptions and the ways in which your own life experiences color the way you see the world. You will uncover your limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you, and practice reframing those beliefs in order to bring about new ways of thinking.

In addition to practices and mindset shifts, the program will provide you with concrete tools that you can bring back to your teams and organizations to better envision the future. Rooted in elements of foresight, futures thinking, and systems thinking, you will work with a variety of tools and practice new habits and behaviors to support you as you lead in complexity.

And, of course, you will leave the program with a powerful and inspiring network of peers to support you on your continuing journey.

What our alumni say


From years of experience, we know that the diversity of our classes impacts the success of the program as a whole. We hand-pick our participants and curate each class of the Executive Leadership Program to ensure there’s a variety of perspectives in each class. While we cannot tell you who will be in the next class, we can tell you a bit about our most recent cohort.

The most recent class of the Executive Leadership Program included 30 participants from 17 countries and working in 15 different industries. That class included a co-founder of Fairphone, a media mogul from India, a managing director of a large venture capital firm from Russia, a surgeon and clinic owner from the Netherlands, and a groundbreaking activist who recently brought a successful climate case against Shell.

We aim to share profiles of upcoming participants on our social channels as they join the program, so you can begin to get a flavor of the fellow participants you will encounter if you join the next class!

And of course, in addition to your wonderful classmates, you will be guided on your journey by an experienced team of faculty.

What our alumni say:


At THNK, we believe that there is not a single set of qualities that make a great leader, but that leadership is context- and situation-dependent. We believe in lifelong learning and continuous development. Instead of working with a leadership model that prescribes a set of traits or actions that successful leaders must take, we explore the practices and habits that we believe leaders need to continually hone and develop in order to become the best leader they can possibly be.

Along every step of the journey, we will connect program elements to real-life situations in order to make the learnings more tangible. We will use embodied learning methods to create a truly experiential learning environment, and we will challenge you to see things from new perspectives by nudging you out of your comfort zone. We promise: no lectures, no webinars, no exams, no case studies.

Our methodology is also highly centered on peer-to-peer learning. Our experience has taught us that participants learn the most from one another, sharing experiences and embarking on new learning adventures together. Our faculty team is there to facilitate and support, to create space for new learnings to emerge as you explore new terrain with your classmates.

What our alumni say:


We understand that this program is a significant investment, both in time and money. And we cannot tell you if that investment is right for you at this very moment. But we can tell you that the program will provide you with mindset shifts, practical tools, and an inspirational network for life. We know the program is transformational and the impacts on participants are lasting. At our annual alumni event, past participants gather together and share the ways in which THNK has impacted them years later.

Of course, only you can decide if this is an investment you are willing to make. But we can tell you that participants who have made this investment before you have gotten immeasurable value from the program that has lasted for years after the program ends. To date, we have never received feedback from participants at the end of the program that they felt the program did not deliver the value for money.

In an era of rapid change and increasing complexity, we believe that the time is now for leaders to invest in their growth and level-up their leadership. So we will leave you with one question: What is the cost of doing nothing?

What our alumni say:


First, we combine leadership development with innovation and futures thinking. The Executive Leadership Program will not only equip you with the mindset shifts and habits to lead effectively in complexity; it will also give you the tools and processes to build organizational resilience and drive transformational innovation. It will help make you the vanguard of leading change in complexity and uncertainty.

Second, we do not believe that there is a single leadership model that describes the “perfect” leader. That is why we have set aside the leadership models and instead work from a set of leadership practices that we believe all leaders can continually practice and hone throughout their lives. Leadership development is not a step-by-step process. We believe every leader has a unique set of strengths and gifts, and when those are nurtured, you can leverage those strengths to become a better leader tomorrow than you are today, and every day after that.

And finally, we are proud of our global community of THNKers. Our alumni leave the program with great connections among their classmates and an invaluable network of global leaders to tap into. We have thinkers from all corners of the globe collaborating on projects and supporting one another in new ventures. It is a lifelong support system full of diverse perspectives and myriad opportunities to explore together.

What our alumni say:

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