FSTVL has been our community’s soul-feeding event since 2010. In this edition, we’ll gather virtually to re-connect, tell stories, have some fun, and to continue supporting each other’s leadership journeys. After a turbulent 2020, we decided to design this year’s FSTVL around the theme of purpose and the following questions:
  • What drives you to get up each morning?
  • What sparks a sense of curiosity and passion deep within your being?
  • How might you manifest a sense of meaning in your work as a leader?
  • What will support you to move forward in 2021?
We’re excited to welcome you back into the virtual THNK Home! Let’s come together to (re)discover that which we — individually and collectively — are called to do.

FSTVL will create space to

What to expect


Like all previous editions, this FSTVL will connect you with THNKers from all classes and from around the world.

This edition is also focused on providing space to reflect on the challenging experiences of 2020 and (re)discover our purpose for 2021 and beyond. We believe that periods of tumultuous change can provide opportunities for reflection, renewal, and – ultimately – transformation.

Included in your ticket will be:

  • Five virtual Quest sessions facilitated by THNK Faculty
  • A session spotlighting THNKers pitching projects and another spotlighting THNKers telling real-life leadership stories (it’s a good year for those!)
  • Off-screen activities and exercises
  • Additional sessions, workshops, and activities hosted by THNKers, for THNKers

The Quest sessions facilitated by THNK Faculty will focus on:

  • Reflection & Grounding: reflecting on this year, making sense of this moment, and making peace.
  • Purpose: (re)discovering my purpose, (re)igniting my purpose, and (re)imagining my impact.
  • Impact: applying my agency and my impact in the world.


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Who's going?



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Frequently asked questions




Who can sign up for FSTVL?

FSVTL is open to members of the THNK community who have completed the Executive Leadership Program.


What if I already completed the Passion & Purpose session during the Executive Leadership Program?

You will still find value in the purpose sessions for FSTVL. These sessions are designed to go much deeper. People also experience many layers of awareness, perspectives, and benefits when they delve into these big questions a second or even a third time.


Can I take the ALIGN course without signing up for FSTVL?

Yes, you can sign up for just the ALIGN course here and use the discount code COMMUNITY20 to receive the discounted price of 270 EUR for THNKers.


Why should I sign up for FSTVL and ALIGN?

The content of FSTVL has been designed to complement and expand on the content from the ALIGN course through more experiential and interactive learning. You do not need to participate in ALIGN in order to find value in FSTVL, however, we believe that those who participate in the ALIGN course will find even more meaning in their FSTVL experience.


How do I pay?

Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email with a secure link to pay online or an option to request an invoice.


What is VAT and when is it applicable?

As a company registered and providing education services in the Netherlands, THNK School of Creative Leadership acts in accordance with Dutch tax legislation and in principle should charge VAT. The Dutch standard VAT rate is 21%.


Individuals: If you purchase THNK services as an individual, VAT is always applicable. If your residence is outside of the European Union, we encourage you to check the tax legislation of your country of residence for options to claim back the amount of VAT paid for services in the EU.


Businesses: If the company paying for your tuition is registered in the Netherlands, VAT is applicable, however, the company will be able to deduct it when filing their VAT tax return. If the organization is registered for tax purposes outside of the Netherlands, we require proof that VAT/Tax ID is issued outside of the Netherlands. In this case, VAT is not applicable. Exceptions where VAT applies are foundations, body governments, and any organization which is not part of the VAT/Sales Tax/GST traffic. Please enclose a Certificate of Registration/official document from your Chamber of Commerce for registration.


What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have paid and secured your spot for FSTVL, you cannot cancel your participation.