Gather as we celebrate 10 years of THNK at FSTVLX.

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Our community’s soul-feeding event since 2013, this year’s edition of FSTVL, FSTVLX, celebrates the tenth year of THNK. To mark ten years of shared growth and collective impact, we are inviting all of our community into the virtual home of THNK. Join us to deepen your existing friendships, strengthen your leadership journey and participate in fun activities alongside a diverse group of community members from all over the world.

We’re excited to welcome you back into the virtual THNK Home! Let’s come together to (re)discover that which we —individually and collectively —are called to do.

FSTVLX will create space to

What to expect


Just like last year’s edition of FSTVL, FSTVLX welcomes you all back together into the virtual home of THNK for a three-day event. Explore alongside our growing community and connect with all THNKers from all programs across the globe as we celebrate our collective impact and the tenth year of THNK. 

This edition is focused on celebrating 10 years of THNK and our expanding THNK community. We will share stories of growth, change, and collective impact as we celebrate this milestone together!

Included in your ticket will be:

  • 3 days of online sessions facilitated by THNK Faculty
  • A session spotlighting THNKers telling real-life leadership stories
  • A guest session from Tripod Training on Anti-Racism in Organizations
  • Updates from the THNK partners about where we have come from, where we are now, and where we are going as an organization
  • Off-screen activities and exercises
  • Additional sessions, workshops, and activities hosted by THNKers, for THNKers

There’s still time to buy your tickets for this year’s event!

What THNKers are saying

Schedule & Platform


Want a sneak peek at the schedule before buying your ticket? Check out the program here!

This year’s FSTVLX will be hosted on the Zoom Events conferencing platform! There you can create your personlized program schedule and you’ll also be able to see who else is attending and begin interacting before the event starts.



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Frequently asked questions




Who can sign up for FSTVL?

FSVTL is open to members of the THNK community who have completed one of our open-enrollement programs (EMERGE, THRIVE, the Executive Leadership Program); one of our in-company programs; or one of our non-profit programs in Brazil.


How do I pay?

Once you submit your registration form, you will be redirected to a payment portal where you can pay immediately or request an invoice for your company.


What is VAT and when is it applicable?

As a company registered and providing education services in the Netherlands, THNK School of Creative Leadership acts in accordance with Dutch tax legislation and in principle should charge VAT. The Dutch standard VAT rate is 21%.


Individuals: If you purchase THNK services as an individual, VAT is always applicable. If your residence is outside of the European Union, we encourage you to check the tax legislation of your country of residence for options to claim back the amount of VAT paid for services in the EU.


Businesses: If the company paying for your tuition is registered in the Netherlands, VAT is applicable, however, the company will be able to deduct it when filing their VAT tax return. If the organization is registered for tax purposes outside of the Netherlands, we require proof that VAT/Tax ID is issued outside of the Netherlands. In this case, VAT is not applicable. Exceptions where VAT applies are foundations, body governments, and any organization which is not part of the VAT/Sales Tax/GST traffic. Please enclose a Certificate of Registration/official document from your Chamber of Commerce for registration.


How do I join the Zoom Events platform?

Once you have paid for your ticket, you will receive instructions via email about how to join the Zoom Events platform.


What is your cancellation policy?

Once you have paid and secured your spot for FSTVLX, you cannot cancel your participation.