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In the race to grow, compete and stay relevant, companies are working hard to find, keep and develop the right talent. Compelling evidence that diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth has led to intensified efforts to build a diverse work force and create a culture of inclusiveness. Real pioneers in this arena are starting to treat diversity and inclusion as a genuine source of competitive advantage.

Among the many dimensions of diversity that warrant attention, initiatives to increase the share of women in senior leadership roles continue to receive major focus and yet remain some of the most challenging.

women in tech leadership

With the increased public awareness of the continued lack of diversity in technology and other STEM fields, the pressure on companies to create a more gender inclusive culture where women can thrive is mounting. The opportunity for positive change is unparalleled.

THNK’s Women Lead program aims to support the advancement of more diverse leaders into senior leadership roles where they can have greater influence. We believe that when women reach leadership positions, people, organizations and societies benefit. Designed to support women to work from their intrinsic strengths, the program helps them become more aware of the challenges of their work context, offers them strategies to thrive in that context, and empowers them to build a great career in tech.

Our Women Lead in Tech program is specifically meant for women who have made their mark in technology and who have the potential to move on to senior leadership roles. We offer these women an opportunity to explore the importance of women in leadership in the technology sector, shape their grounded, authentic and unique leadership styles, address those leadership challenges that are specific to their context as a female leader in a still predominantly male world, and build a strong, inspiring and lasting network.

What's included in the program


The Women Lead in Tech program is specifically designed to support women to make the most of their leadership potential to build a great career in technology and support the tech diversity agenda. Hence, the topics covered in the program are of particular relevance to female leaders in the world of technology and include the following:



Understand the gender context of your work environment and your own biases on the topic of gender and inclusiveness. Find your own grounded and authentic leadership style based on your strengths, passion, purpose, values and aspirations. Manage fear and failure, appreciate and celebrate successes, and manage your energy – daily, and for the long run. Expand and re-imagine your leadership repertoire to better navigate the career labyrinth

Leading Others


Bring your full voice to the table by communicating with presence, purpose and power. Discover how to increase your influence and impact through building trust and story-telling that empowers to act. Create a strong and supportive network both within and outside of your organization, and become a more inclusive leader yourself.

Leading Change


Become a visionary leader who can think big and paint a picture of a better future while expanding your strategic change skills (e.g. piloting, campaigning, picking your battles). Learn how to navigate smartly and effectively through the written and unwritten rules of the organization so you can drive innovation and become a context architect within your organization.

Program Faculty

Who should join

We know from experience that the quality of each individual participant builds to a participant group that can engage, challenge, and inspire each other. Therefore, an interview to establish the right expectations for the program will be part of the application procedure.

The program is open for three to five women from each participating company. These companies are chosen from among the most inspiring international technology companies with a strong base in the Netherlands.

Female executive, Poland
Female executive, Poland
"The THNK Women Lead Program has given me back the passion and the voice I thought I had lost. It's a powerful program that empowers and infects others with ideas. It helped me reach deep inside myself and find the person I want to be."

When + Where

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starting 25 October

Module 1: 25 Oct - 27 Oct 2017

Module 2: 6 Dec - 8 Dec 2017

Module 3: 24 Jan - 26 Jan 2017

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